How Vellus Works

OPT LED 3.0 Technology

  • Vellus uses high power 12 chip super emitting LED surface array diodes as a light source. The intense near infra-red light is transmitted through a crystal pyramid lens in the handpiece to the targeted treatment area. This light targets the subcutaneous melanin in the hair follicle causing a build-up of heat which denatures the cells in the bulb, that generate new hair. 
  • The key to effective safe hair reduction is targeting the hair follicles without excessive absorption into the surrounding tissues. The more coherent wavelength output range of the Vellus is perfect for reducing post treatment concerns.

Equipment Advantages

  • High Power and Energy

    Each handpiece is equipped with 12 x 100w compact chips, that are closely grouped to achieve ahigh powerdensity of 1200w. This is approximately 70% higher than many competitors.

  • Focused Optimal Wavelength Range

    Vellus emits near infra-red light with a range of 780-850nm, offering close to laser type coherence, targeting only the required chromophore, thus reducing absorption into the surrounding skin tissue and the vascular network. 

  • Intelligent Software

    Vellus has 4 treatment modes; stamp, scan, classic and custom to ensure a protocol is available for the treatment of all areas with all skin types. Vellus’ built-in energy calibration function, ensures that a consistent chosen energy level is delivered throughout its lifespan. 

  • Robust Professional Handpiece

    The Vellus interface provides the operator with clear real-time confirmation of energy level, pulse interval, frequency and shot count. These parameters are also visible on the handpiece. Vellus’ large spot size of Reduce of 17 x 22 mm (3.74 cm²) allows you fast treatment times.

  • Long Lifespan and High Stability

    Due to the reduced angle of divergence of LED light (less than 15%) we achieve superior penetration of light energy into the skin compared to other systems, enabling access to deeper hair follicles.

  • Incredible Speed

    Thanks to the Vellus’ frequency (1-10 Hz) it makes the device one of the fastest light systems used in hair removal

Treatment Advantages

  • Safe for all skin types

    The broad range of energy levels and delivery methods available enable the treatment all skin types, making Vellus highly effective and the new gold standard for hair removal.

  • Unparalleled Sapphire Contact Cooling

    The Vellus system delivers exceptional cooling throughout the entire hair removal process, employing its state-of-the-art sapphire ICE–TEC cooling system and a safe, water-based medium. This advanced cooling technology ensures a temperature range of -5°C to -15°C, safeguarding the epidermis while ensuring a pain-free and comfortable treatment experience for the patient. 

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