Are you looking for a gentle, effective anti-aging device, with little-to-no downtime?

Well AgeJET advanced plasma skin therapy is the device that you need to add to your practice. This quick and easy treatment delivers a more youthful and refreshed look in only 10 minutes. Have your patients been requesting a safe, effective treatment for their sagging upper and lower eyelids? With the renowned AgeJET Eye treatment, you can deliver industry leading results, with no need for ocular shields.

  • Highest ROI on the market
  • Non-invasive, with minimal patient discomfort and downtime
  • Treats upper and lower eyelids without the need for ocular shields
  • Amazing results that get even better with time

AgeJET featured in Medical Insight

Recently AgeJET was featured in Medical Insight’s March 2023 issue. Dr. Mikel Lo M.D, Jack Zamora, M.D, and Dr Nina Deep, M.D all discuss how using nitrogen plasma has improved their patient outcomes. Read the full article “Nitrogen Plasma Device Delivers Improved Skin Tx Outcomes” to learn how AgeJET has been transforming aesthetics.

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  • Nina Deep, MD

    “When I first heard about AgeJET and nitrogen plasma technology, I was not very interested in yet another skin resurfacing device. But I kept on seeing these amazing before-and-after photos, so I had to check it out. I was most intrigued because you could treat eye tissue with no kind of shield, and the eyelid skin resurfacing was pretty phenomenal. I was very excited about the fact that it could treat all skin types. This technology is really great. Once we started using AgeJET and understood how to use it, we had so many excellent results. The AgeJET has transformed my practice.”

  • Jack Zamora, M.D.

    “It’s because the technology is so superior. All of our plasma devices have supplanted other devices in our practice. Plasma energy is here to stay. It is changing the world of aesthetics. I don’t know if there’s any better energy than plasma energy for beautifying the skin. And the AgeJET is our device of choice for doing that.”

  • Mikel Lo, MD

    “It is like a kinder, gentler skin rejuvenation system. The results we get with the AgeJET are like what we can achieve using a fractional or other ablative lasers, but without the serious downtime, redness, discomfort, scarring, and other adverse effects. With the AgeJET, you don’t get any of that. Skin regeneration using AgeJET gives more predictable results that are safer for the skin’s structure.”

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