High-Quality Mobile UVC Systems Made in the U.S.A.

  1. NEOconcepts Inc. offers the most complete portfolio of UVC germicidal products that reduce, and even eliminate, harmful pathogens within healthcare environments -used in more than 100,000+ solutions since 1960.  Our variety of effective mobile solutions for Upper Air and Surface applications include top sellers like the Elite, Octa, Latern and Blade handheld unit.  All are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. You’ll find that our UVC products  are all affordable, efficient, and effective solutions for reducing unwanted surface and  airborne microbes in healthcare environments, with a particular focus placed on infection control and prevention.

BLADE Handheld


UPPER AIR – Wall Mountable


LANTERN – 4 bulb


OCTA 8 bulb


ELITE 12 bulb

ELITE Mobile UV Solution

This mobile unit, which also has 360 degree motion sensors s safety precaution, features twelve 45” slimline UVC lamps for maximum intensity. System controls, which are located directly on the unit, allow utilization of a touchscreen with three pre-programmed disinfection cycle times, and the option of manually setting your own disinfection cycle times.

OCTA Mobile UV Solution

This even smaller mobile unit also offers 360 degree motion sensors s a safety precaution, and has system controls located directly on the unit, which allow utilization of a touchscreen with three pre-programmed disinfection cycle times, or the option of manually setting your own disinfection cycle times. It features eight 33” UVC lamps optically centered around highly polished reflector for maximum intensity.

LANTERN Mobile UV Solution

This portable unit can be carried by hand is is routinely set atop a wheeling cart. The Lantern, designed for ambulances, mobile clinics, and smaller treatment rooms sizes is a great choicefor Medical Spas and smaller cosmetic offices.

BLADE Handheld Germicidal Fixture

The handheld, portable, UVC Blade deactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi in hard to reach places, and in environments that only need occasional exposure to UVC light like desk tops and office workload areas.


Study Title: Evaluation of Antimicrobial Effectiveness of a UVC Generating Device on Hard Nonporous Surfaces

Test Organisms/Study Results:

Test Organisms/Study Results:
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – >99.9999% (>6.56 log10)
Clostridium difficile – >99.9999% (>6.62 log10)
Feline Calicivirus – 99.9996% (5.45 log10)
Influenza – ≥99.9996% (≥5.45 log10)
Acinetobacter baumannii – >99.999% (>5.93 log10)
Klebsiella pneumonia – >99.99999% (>7.23 log10)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa – 99.9999% (6.28 log10)
Staphylococcus aureus – >99.9999% (>6.64 log10)
Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) – >99.999% (>5.71 log10)
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“We researched several mobile systems and chose these products based on the company’s experience, and the price of the system. So far we’ve found them to be very easy to operate, and the company support to be very reliable.”

UVC Exposure Verification

UVC Dosimeter
The UVC dosimeter is a safe  and efficient tool that can be used to verify UVC exposure of a surface, or an instrument, in healthcare environments, including patient rooms and surgical suites; in laboratories; public transportation; and also in food and beverage manufacturing and processing facilities.

Since 1960 health-care institutions have used these UV germicidal disinfection solutions designed specifically to control the spread of airborne microorganisms and bio-aerosols.


Custom and standard in-duct, on-coil, and in-room UV solutions increase efficiency, prolong equipment life, and improve indoor air quality throughout entire buildings.

AQ Series UV water treatment units, with flow rates from – 2-1,000 gallons per minute, safely and effectively purify water in commercial and residential applications.

The handheld, portable UVC Blade disinfection device, deactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi in spaces where traditional hard mounted UVC fixtures are inconvenient to be mounted; and where portable devices have limited access.

UVC Dosimeters™ are safe, efficient tools used to verify UVC exposure of a surface, or instrument, in healthcare environments – the perfect compliment to mobile UVC systems, and the OR Package.

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